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Accessing Password Protected Posts

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted instructions on how to access the password protected posts (i.e. the tests and quizzes).

O.k. So, here’s the deal. We want to keep the password out of the hands of kids, if at all possible. So, if you are a math teacher and would like the password:

1. Send an email to:

2. Make the subject line: Assessments Password

3. Include a hyperlink to your teacher webpage or a faculty listing with your name and ideally your email.

4. Please email from your school account. Home accounts are too difficult to verify.

I’ll get you those passwords pronto!


2 thoughts on “Accessing Password Protected Posts

  1. Hi I’m the math teacher at rondout valley school district and up I would like the password, so I can have the assessments for my accelerated class.
    Alexandra Beckerman

  2. Alexandra, please email me at I don’t generally want to post the password.

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