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Answer Keys

So, the answer keys arrived yesterday. We printed an original run of 60 CDs and will run out of these quickly. Each CD contains the entire text, in both pdf and Word format, and the entire answer key, in both pdf and Word format. They can be copied to any district owned computer and any computer owned by a teacher in the district. Expect to see them arriving this coming week. Thank you everyone who ordered. Remember, books may not be there until the last week of August and if your business office is slow getting us the PO, you may not get them until the first week of school. Email me if you want to know if yours were ordered in the “first wave.”

Update: We shipped all answer key orders this morning!!! The Rhinebeck post office was a bit overwhelmed, but Mark at the desk was a trooper and processed all 35 orders. The expected delivery date for all locations in New York is Monday, August 18th. So, look for them soon. They will come in a small bubble wrap package. There will be two identical answer key discs. Email me if you have any questions about order status.

10 thoughts on “Answer Keys

  1. I need to pay for a copy of the Algebra 1 answer keys to lessons,homework,tests.

  2. Carl,

    Send me an email at and we can talk.

  3. I would like to purchse a hrd copy of the common core algebra I emathinstruction rogram as soon as possible.

    Please tel me the price nd I will send you the money tomorrow.

  4. I’m sorry, but we do not sell hard copies of the answer key. A tutor’s version can be purchased online at our site for $100.

  5. We purchased the discs for CC Algebra and CC Algebra 2 for this year. I need to budget for the new version that will have the review sheets for Alg. 2. Could you please tell me what this will cost?

  6. Looking for some quizzes for chapter 5.

  7. Patricia,

    We plan for it to be a $100 update for the version with reviews and assessments.

  8. I need a test for unit 4

  9. These are available by purchasing a subscription in our Store.

  10. I am substituting and need an answer key for Unit #8 – Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra review questions PLEASE

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