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CC Alg I Units 3 and 4 Review SMART Notebook Files – by Julie Merana-Spanarelli

Our good friend and frequent contributor Julie, from Central Islip, is back again with a great gift heading into the review portion of the year. She has created SMART Notebook files for Units 3 and 4 Reviews that we put out recently. You can access the reviews at:

Comprehensive Unit Reviews – by Kirk

Julie does a lot of great things with animations within these files, so experiment with all of the pieces of the files if you are an experienced SMART Board user. Here are her files:

Unit-3.Functions Review Smart


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CC Alg I Unit #4 (Linear Functions) SMART Notebook Files – by Julie Merana-Spanarelli

Julie Merana-Spanarelli, from Central Islip High School, has been sending us SMART Notebook files to share. Here’s her contribution for Unit #4 on Linear Functions. Take a look if you use a SMART Board at school.

Thanks Julie!

CCAlg1-U4L1-Proportional Relationships

CCAlg1-U4L2 Unit Conversions

CCAlg1-U4L3-Nonproportional-Linear-Relationships Smart

CCAlg1-U4L4-More-Work-Graphing-Linear-Functions-Lines Smart

CCAlg1-U4L5-Writing-Equations-in-Slope-Intercept-Form Smart

CCAlg1-U4L6-Modeling-with-Linear-Functions Smart

CCAlg1-U4L7-More-Linear-Modeling Smart

CCAlg1-U4L8-Strange-Lines-Vertical-and-Horizontal Smart

CCAlg1-U4L9-Absolute-Value-and-Step-Functions Smart

CCAlg1-U4L10-The-Truth-About-Graphs Smart

CCAlg1-U4L11-Graphs-of-Linear-Inequalities Smart

CCAlg1-U4L12 Introduction to Sequences

CCAlg1-U4L13-Arithmetic-Sequences Smart

Absolute Value