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1-Var Stat Summary on the TI-83/84 – by Aimee Campagnola

Our good friend Aimee Campagnola from the Three Villages School District gave us a hand little reference for the one variable statistics option on the TI-83/84, especially how it links in to creating box plots.

Calc Instructions

As we all know, these button pushing procedures on the calculators can be tough for kids to remember, and this is a great guide on how to do it. She sent both the filled in version and a blank version, in case teachers wanted to use it as a classroom activity. Here they are:

1 Variable Statistics and Box Plots Blank

1 Variable Statistics and Box Plots

Thank you for sharing Aimee!!!

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CC Alg I Unit #9 (Roots) SMART Notebook Files – by Julie Merana-Spanarelli

Julie’s back with more of her awesome SMART Notebook files for the Common Core Algebra I lessons we have on the site. These are really well done and thought out. Check them out if you use a SMART Board to deliver these lessons.

CCAlg1-U9L1-Square-Roots Smart

CCAlg1-U9L2-Irrational-Numbers Smart

CCAlg1-U9L3-Square-Root-Functions-and-Shifting Smart

CCAlg1-U9L4-Solving-Quadratics-Using-Inverse-Operations Smart

CCAlg1-U9L5-Finding-Zeroes-by-Completing-the-Square Smart


CCAlg1-U9L7-Final-Work-with-Quadratic-Equations Smart

CCAlg1-U9L8-Cube Roots

square root points