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CC Algebra I Unit Reviews – The Complete Collection – by Kirk

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel May coming on and that means only one thing to me. REVIEW TIME!!!

So, to celebrate, I’m releasing the Unit Reviews for Common Core Algebra I. These reviews, along with unit assessments, will be the major addition to both the Version 2.0 Workbook and Version 2.0 answer key. But, as always, we are releasing the pdf versions of the reviews for free.

These are in their second edit stage, so most errors should be gone. Still, please excuse us, as always, for continues mistakes and funnies.

Unit #1.The Building Blocks of Algebra.Review

Unit #2.Linear Expressions, Equations and Inequalities.Review

Unit #3.Functions.Review

Unit #4.Linear Functions and Arithmetic Sequences.Review

Unit #5.Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities.Review

Unit #6.Exponents, Exponents, and More Exponents.Review

Unit #7.Polynomials.Review

Unit #8.Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra.Review

Unit #9.Roots and Irrational Numbers.Review

Unit #10.Statistics.Review

Unit #11.A Final Look at Functions and Modeling.Review


Version 2.0

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Regents Review #15 (Wow!) – by Brett Widman

Spring has sprung, we are all back from break, and most of us are in the last quarter – that’s the fourth marking period!!!

Our friend, Brett Widman has given us another great contribution in the form of Regents Review #15. We will eventually put up a post with all of Brett’s contributions. This one has some great, great modeling problems on them – including a great inequality word problem and a great exponential depreciation problem.

Thanks again Brett!

Algebra 1 RR #15

Exponential Decay

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CC Alg I – Sum and Product of Roots – by Xia Xiaowu

Xia Xiaowu, a great math teacher from New York City, sent this awesome activity that has kids figure out what the sum and product of a quadratic’s roots are by using the Quadratic Formula.

Now, I know that many of you know that sum and product of roots is sort of “on the way out” in terms of content being assessed on both CC Algebra I and Algebra II, but this project is really neat and strengthens student understanding of quadratics and the quadratic formula. So, it is well worth a look.

Thanks so much Xia!!!!

Quadratic Roots Project

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Common Core Algebra I Regents Question Analysis – by the Nottingham Team

So, if you’ve been wondering, as I have, how the questions on the New York State Regents break down by standards, this is the Excel sheet for you.

This was put together by the awesome team at Nottingham High School, Christopher Desmond, Eric Scriarrino, Nina Gjoncari, and Christine Varley.

It is an Excel spreadsheet that lists all of the Common Core Algebra I standards, how many questions of previous Regents exams align to the standard, what weight, percent, etcetera.

They’ve even pasted the questions into the spreadsheet. It’s really an amazing analysis and I have to say I am so pleased they chose to share it with us so we could pass it on to the community here.

History of Common Core Assessment(1)

Thanks so much Christine, Nina, Erin and Chris.