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Password Protected Assessment Posts Coming Soon

Hey All,

Many have noticed that there has been a password protected post under assessments. We are moving towards having these posts so that teachers can share assessments securely without fear of students seeing these assessments.

I’m in Syracuse right now attending the state AMTNYS conference and will be working on the password system once I get back. I need to figure out a way to get passwords to teachers. Of course, I need to be able to verify they are teachers and not students. Thoughts and suggestions are, as always, welcome!

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New Web Page Coming

Well, in the next few weeks, we should be launching a new website that incorporates both our older website and this discussion forum all in one, hopefully easier to use site! I’ve got a great webpage designer working on it.

Hopefully download speeds will be quicker (and more reliable). We also plan to have a password protected part of the site where teachers can share assessments with other teachers. I know, I know, another password. Hopefully we can make it a common one and something that we all can remember. More on that soon to come.