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Unit #2.Lesson #3.A Linear Equation Solving Review

Well, after the first two lessons where we establish very important fundamentals about equation solving, this lesson gives students a chance to review techniques they have seen from previous years. Remember, one of the main fluencies from Common Core 8th Grade Math is the ability to solve any type of linear equation. We can only hope that students enter Common Core Algebra I with this fluency.

Here’s the lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #2.Lesson #3.A Linear Equation Solving Review

And the video:

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Unit #2.Lesson #2.Seeing Structure to Solve Equations

This lesson is all about reversing order of operations to solve linear equations. I believe this is probably the most important equation solving technique in algebra and I want to establish it early on so that students understand that equation solving techniques, at their root, are all about undoing what has been done to the variable.

Here’s the lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #2.Lesson #2.Seeing Structure to Solve Equations

And the video (please pardon the rough nature of the video – it was one of the first that I did):

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Unit #2.Lesson #1.Equations and Their Solutions

In this lesson we make sure that students understand the basic concept of what a solution to an equation is in terms of truth values. This is emphasized up front, as opposed to bringing in checks at the end. I like this approach because I want students to understand the forest of equations before we start wading through the trees.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #2.Lesson #1.Equations and Their Solutions

And here is the video: