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Sharing More Than I Thought


We started the password protected posts less than a week ago and the response has been great! Of course, lots and lots of people have been requesting the password, which is great for me to know since it gives me a sense for how many folks are using the website.

But, even better have been those who have contributed. It’s been sort of a tough last week at my own job at Arlington. I’m feeling a bit beaten up by the job, which I know that all math teachers (probably all teachers in general) can appreciate.

Still, I get a lot of energy from seeing the generosity of those willing to share their comments, their critiques, and their assessments. To all of those who have shared, thank you so much and keep them coming when you can!

Best to all,


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Passwords for Assessments Page

So, it has been a goal of mine to get a good password protected part of the forum where users could share assessments they have made for the Common Core Algebra I course. Right now, I still need to approve and post all content, but I’m thinking that people can email me files and then I can post them, with all due credit.

But, obviously, we want to make this a secure site. I can password protect any given post I make and would like to make sure math teachers who want this password will have access to it. But, I also need to verify that you are in fact a math teacher.

So, here’s how I am going to try to do it, step by step:

1. Send me an email at:

2. Use a subject line: Assessments Password

3. Please write the email from your school email account.

4. Please make sure to include your name.

5. Please include a hyper-link to a faculty listing with your name and preferably with your email address. A link to your school web page is perhaps best.

I’ll then email you the password. It is one that should make sense to just about any math teacher. Sorry for all of the bother above, but I need to make this fast and secure so that everyone can feel confident that students are not perusing the test files.

Oh, please give me a day or two to get you the password. I’m thinking I might get a lot of requests.

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Standards Documents

On our old site we gave access to an annotated table of contents that had the PARCC EOY standards mapped to each individual lesson. We also had the lessons mapped to the standards. We’ll get both documents back up, but I thought I would post them here just to have them on the site.

Table of Contents Annotated with PARCC EOY Standards

PARCC EOY Alignment with Common Core Algebra I by eMathInstruction


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AMTNYS Conference

So, I’ve been at the AMTNY conference for the last few days and really enjoying it. I presented yesterday on “Building a Better Common Core.” It was well attended with about 80 people coming to hear me speak about the Common Core Algebra I project and how it came to be.

Besides the talk, my wonderful wife, Shana, and I have been hanging out at the eMathInstruction booth and talking to so many great educators from around the state.



So many of the math teachers we have spoken to share the confusion and exhaustion that so many of us feel. It’s been a tough road these last few years and it doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon. Still, together, I’m convinced that we can take control of the curriculum and help shape it in a way that both gives our kids a better mathematical foundation while not taking away their childhood in the process.



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New Website Coming Soon and AMTNYS in Syracuse

Hey All,

Soon our new website will be unveiled. It should be up and ready to go in a couple more weeks, tops. I am very much looking forward to it. A good friend and excellent website designer, Joey Shavelle, is doing the redesign. This discussion forum will be moving to the new site as will all of the older files from the original website. It will hopefully be much easier to use and more reliable in terms of downloads.

Also, on November 9th through the 11th, I’ll be up in Syracuse presenting at the state AMTNYS conference. I’m looking forward to hanging out in upstate New York. I am hopeful that there will be teachers who use the curriculum that will stop by the booth and say hi and chat about how it is going with the curriculum and videos. I will only be presenting once (November 10th at 9:15 am). With only an hour to speak, I imagine most of the interesting conversation will actually happen at the booth itself.

Please drop by if you are at the conference! Hope to see you there.


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New Web Page Coming

Well, in the next few weeks, we should be launching a new website that incorporates both our older website and this discussion forum all in one, hopefully easier to use site! I’ve got a great webpage designer working on it.

Hopefully download speeds will be quicker (and more reliable). We also plan to have a password protected part of the site where teachers can share assessments with other teachers. I know, I know, another password. Hopefully we can make it a common one and something that we all can remember. More on that soon to come.

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Answer Keys

So, the answer keys arrived yesterday. We printed an original run of 60 CDs and will run out of these quickly. Each CD contains the entire text, in both pdf and Word format, and the entire answer key, in both pdf and Word format. They can be copied to any district owned computer and any computer owned by a teacher in the district. Expect to see them arriving this coming week. Thank you everyone who ordered. Remember, books may not be there until the last week of August and if your business office is slow getting us the PO, you may not get them until the first week of school. Email me if you want to know if yours were ordered in the “first wave.”

Update: We shipped all answer key orders this morning!!! The Rhinebeck post office was a bit overwhelmed, but Mark at the desk was a trooper and processed all 35 orders. The expected delivery date for all locations in New York is Monday, August 18th. So, look for them soon. They will come in a small bubble wrap package. There will be two identical answer key discs. Email me if you have any questions about order status.

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Orders and Browsers

Hey All,

Well, we placed the first round of PO orders that we’ve received to our printers yesterday. They are quickly creating the CD’s that have the answer key and text on them (both in pdf and in Word). So, those will probably be shipped out in the middle of next week. The workbooks will be heading out by the end of next week and will arrive in the last week of August. Sorry they couldn’t be there sooner.

Warning: Any PO for workbooks that I receive from now until the end of August will most likely not get there until after Labor Day weekend. Be prepared to photocopy the first few lessons from this website or our original emathinstruction site.  Check with your business offices or send me an email to check. Orders of only the answer key will still get to you before Labor Day even if they arrive in the coming weeks.

On the browser issue. I continue to find that Chrome does not work well in terms of either this site or the original site. I just downloaded the most recent version of Firefox and it works great for both seeing this site, downloading files from it, and downloading from the original site. Internet Explorer has worked well for both all along.

Take care and continue to enjoy summer. Kirk