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Unit #3 Smart Notebook Files – by Ann Murray

So, our good friend, Ann Murray, has contributed another round of Smart Notebook files just in time for the holiday break. She has given us Unit 3 files. So, those of you with SMART Boards be sure to give these a look over your time off.

Thanks Ann for your continued contributions to teachers around New York state and the country.

U3 Lesson 1 Intro to Functions

U3 Lesson 2 Function Notation

U3 Lesson 3 Graphs of Functions

U3 Lesson 4 Graphical Features & Terminology

U3 Lesson 5 Exploring Fns w Calculator

U3 Lesson 6 Average Rate of Change

U3 Lesson 7 Domain and Range

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Classroom Start-Ups by Cindy Bumble

Cindy, a great teacher from Southold UFSD, sent a bunch of classroom start-ups to me to share. She uses these to start her classes and organizes them by the week. The problems are short (they do just start up the class) and emphasize fluency skills.

Thanks for sharing these Cindy! You’re awesome.

Dec 1-7writeequationofline

Dec 8-12examinefunction

Dec 15-19examinequadraticgraph









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Unit #2 Smart Notebook Files – by Ann Murray

Ann gave us a goldmine again. She sent me all of her Unit #2 Smart Notebook files. So, for those of you who use SMART Boards, these should be a great resource. Thanks again Ann. I’ll get more of them posted as they get sent.

U2L1 Equations and their solutions

U2L2 Seeing Structure to Solve Equations

U2L3 Linear Equation Solving

U2L4 Justifying Steps when solving equations

U2L5 Linear Word Problems

U2L6 Consecutive Integer Problems

U2L7 Solving with Unspecified Contents

U2L8 Inequalities

U2L9 Solving Linear Inequalities

U2L10 Compound Inequalities

U2L11 More work with compound inequalities

U2L12 Interval Notation

U2L13 Modeling With Inequalities

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Unit #5 Smart Notebook Files by Geralyn Schroeder

So, adding to our collection of resources, a great teacher from North Colonie, Geralyn Schroeder, has volunteered all sorts of great materials. She’s starting us off with some Unit #5 Smart Notebook Files. These should help many people when they come back from break and need some resources for their SMART Boards.

Thank you Geralyn for sharing these and for forcing me to get my act together with Google Drive (yet another account).

A1 U5L01 Solutions and Graphing Method

A1 U5L02 Substitution Method

A1-U5L03 Properties & Solutions

A1-U5L04- Elimination Method

A1-U5L05 Modeling

A1-U5L06 – Solving Equations Graphically

A1-U5L07 Systems of Inequalities

A1-U5L08 Modeling Systems of Inequalities

A1-U5L09 Review

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Unit #1 Smart Notebook Files – by Ann Murray

O.k. So Ann Murray, from Dover, has generously volunteered all of her Smart Notebook files that she has created so far. She needs time to go back and edit them to remove writing she did during the lesson, but we will get them all up eventually. Here I’m going to post all of the ones she just sent me from Unit #1.

Again, I want to thank Ann for this great contribution!

A1 U1L1 Rates Ratios

A1 U1L2 Variables and Expressions

A1 U1L3 Commutative Associative Property

A1 U1L4 Distributive Property

A1 U1L5 Equivalent Expressions

A1 U1L6 Seeing Structure in Expressions

A1 U1L7 Exponents as Repeated Multiplication

A1 U1L8 More Complex Equivalency (FOIL)

A1 U1L9 More Structure Work – binomial expansion

A1 U1L10 Translating English into Algebra

A1 U1L11 Algebraic Puzzles

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Another Great Regents Review Problem Set from Brett Widman

Brett, from West Seneca, volunteered another great set of problems for review. There’s a lot to use here and it is an especially nice review as we head into the holiday season and we need materials to finish off our time before break.

I’m going to continue to post reviews in the Assessments section but also in the new Sharing Resources section. I am also not going to password protect resources unless they are assessments or unless the authors as me to.

Thanks Brett for sharing again!

Algebra 1 RR #4


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Sharing More Materials – Smart Notebook Files by Ann Murray

So, Ann Murray, from the Dover Union Free School District, has made an amazing offer. She has created Smart Notebook Files for all of the lessons in the curriculum up to Unit #4.Lesson #5. These can be used to more easily present the lessons if your classroom has a classic SmartBoard.

She is willing to share them, and I’m willing to post them, if people show interest! Ann sent me two of these that I am going to post here. I’m also starting a whole new category called Sharing Resources devoted to sharing things other than assessments tied to this curriculum. So, if you’ve made a game, an activity, a review sheet, or presentations that you’d like to share, please consider contributing.

Give this post a like on Facebook or in some other way let me know, so I can let Ann know, if we should post more of them. For now, THANKS Ann for sharing these first two Smart Notebook Files:

U4 Lesson 1 – Proportional Relationships

U4 Lesson 2 – Unit Conversions