5 thoughts on “Common Core Algebra I – Table of Contents Annotated with Common Core Standards

  1. For paying customers, can we have this list as a downloadable spreadsheet to make planning easier?

  2. Stephen,

    I’m not sure how I would make it into a spreadsheet, but I could email you the Word doc if that would help.

  3. Yes if you could send me(i.e. email me a Word Document) a downloadable spreadsheets encompassing all units. This truly helps with my lesson plans to make sure that I have not forgotten or added a Common Core standard that was supposed to be listed for a particular unit.
    I thank you always,
    Brian Earich.

  4. Hello,
    Can I have a downloadable file of this table of contents? Thank you.
    email: mnunez27@schools.nyc.gov

    -Merary Nunez

  5. Sure, just click on the blue link and it will open and you can download it.

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