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Passwords for Assessments Page

So, it has been a goal of mine to get a good password protected part of the forum where users could share assessments they have made for the Common Core Algebra I course. Right now, I still need to approve and post all content, but I’m thinking that people can email me files and then I can post them, with all due credit.

But, obviously, we want to make this a secure site. I can password protect any given post I make and would like to make sure math teachers who want this password will have access to it. But, I also need to verify that you are in fact a math teacher.

So, here’s how I am going to try to do it, step by step:

1. Send me an email at:

2. Use a subject line: Assessments Password

3. Please write the email from your school email account.

4. Please make sure to include your name.

5. Please include a hyper-link to a faculty listing with your name and preferably with your email address. A link to your school web page is perhaps best.

I’ll then email you the password. It is one that should make sense to just about any math teacher. Sorry for all of the bother above, but I need to make this fast and secure so that everyone can feel confident that students are not perusing the test files.

Oh, please give me a day or two to get you the password. I’m thinking I might get a lot of requests.

5 thoughts on “Passwords for Assessments Page

  1. Hello. I am a math home teacher. I work for Reach For The Stars Tutoring. I teach students who are home from school due to illness or suspension. I do not have a school email address since I work through the agency with several different school districts. I was hoping you could give me a password because this would make lesson planning much easier. Thank you!

  2. Michelle,

    Please contact me via email:

  3. I love you curriculum.. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. As a special education teacher, I find your curriculum user friendly and the content laid out in a manner that allows for student success.

  5. What’s the password?
    I’m a teacher from rondour valley and I would like to use the assessments for my accelerated students

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