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This online membership contains access to answers to lessons and homework sets as well as unit reviews to both the N-Gen Math Algebra I and Common Core Algebra I courses. Editable MS Word files, assessments, and Add-ons are available as well, depending on membership type. See “Membership Types” below to learn more.

Also, see our printed N-Gen Math Algebra I Workbook (coming soon) and our Common Core Algebra I Workbook with lessons and homework sets.

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This online membership contains answers to over 200 lessons and homework sets. Available resources include N-Gen Math Algebra I that covers the Next Generation Learning Standards as well as Common Core Algebra I that covers the PARCC End of Year Standards from the Common Core Curriculum. Unit reviews, unit assessments, editable MS Word files, and more are available as well, depending on membership type.

Workbooks for Common Core Algebra I are sold separately.

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Membership Type

Teacher Plus, Tutor

Membership Types

Tutor Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to pdf files of unit reviews and their answers

Teacher Plus Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to unit reviews including answer keys
  • Access to monthly add-ons which include extra lessons, practice, activities and assessments
  • Access to editable files of all lessons, homework sets, unit reviews and assessments
  • Access to assessments for all units (Note: access to assessment items is automatic when ordering with a school issued Purchase Order. For those purchasing with a credit card, access to assessments requires verification of employment as a math or special education teacher at a private or public school.)
  • Bulk discount pricing if 10 or more Teacher Plus memberships of any one course are ordered ($100 per membership).

18 reviews for Algebra I Membership

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  1. tarangodom (verified owner)

    This is absolutely incredible. Highly suggest for any math teacher.

  2. Leah

    Great Website! Easy to use and very clear. Breaks everything down and makes it so easy! Thank you!

  3. awitapplejoy

    This is a good guide for students to practice and practice solving math exercises.

  4. draucker.homeschool (verified owner)

    As a homeschool dad, I highly recommend eMathInstruction for homeschooling. The lessons combine video instruction with worksheets, which enables students to step through the lessons, personally working out each example to ensure they learn each concept before moving on to the next. My son likes to pause the video to try solving each example first, and then watch the video to see if he got it right.
    The post-video Fluency, Application, and Reasoning worksheet sections (aka homework) ensure that students grasp the concepts presented, as well as achieve the ability to apply the knowledge to solve typical real world problems.
    The parent/teacher answer sheets are especially useful because they include each step required to determine the correct answer. This ensures students not only find the correct answer, but do so using the correct steps in the appropriate order. It also enables students to identify specifically where they went wrong when they have an incorrect answer.
    My son and I used several alternative online math courses, including an attempt at DIY lessons. Nothing worked as well as eMathInstruction.
    Special note: The person teaching often makes a difference. Their style, their speech patterns (tone and inflection) make a difference. This is where Kirk Weiler really excels. He’s a true educator, not just a presenter. He consistently stays on-topic, never veering off on a tangent or talking about personal experiences, as we experienced with some other online video courses. Additionally, responses to email inquires are consistently quick, on-point, and appropriate.
    My only complaint about the lessons is the dependence on the TI-84 calculator. We have a different calculator (TI-nSpire CX), which makes following those particular lessons difficult. If you’re going to subscribe, be sure to purchase a TI-84 for your student.

  5. sgough (verified owner)

    I have been using emathinstruction for several years for Algebra 2 and this year for Algebra 1. I LOVE this curriculum and the variety of quizzes, tests, and add-ons to enhance the topics. My students do well on state tests thanks to Kirk Weiler and crew! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  6. Mary Haugen (verified owner)

    We have been using eMATHinstruction at our school since 2015 and we absolutely love this comprehensive curriculum! The lessons and supporting materials are hands down the best I have ever seen and I’ve been teaching high school math since 1989. The website is organized and easy to navigate. Lessons and tests are adaptable to different skill levels, the videos are great for review or to use when I am absent or when a student is absent, and the live Regents reviews are a blessing! Thank you Kirk for this outstanding product!

  7. Mordechai Halberstadt (verified owner)

    I think quarterly quizzes for each unit in addition to the existing assessments could be helpful.

  8. ashako (verified owner)

    We used this course for homeschooling, and we are very happy with it. We like the format with the one sheet of notes and one sheet for homework. Thank you!

  9. mrogers (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this curriculum. It’s complete with lessons, homeworks, reviews, tests, and more. It makes it very easy to cover everything that needs to be covered. The videos are great for the students to watch if they need a little extra help.

  10. rdefuria

    I have used Algebra 1, Math 7 and Math 8 curriculums and absolutely love them. I am hopeful our school will continue with them again next year!

  11. jdrenzo

    I love using this curriculum for Algebra I. The positive feedback I get from my students is wonderful. Thanks for a great product.

  12. srouralbert3

    It’s so good it helps the slowest way possible

  13. speterson

    Last year, I was tutoring for the Algebra Regents and so many of my clients used Emathinstruction at their schools. I loved it. So I convinced my principal to buy the subscription and workbooks for my Algebra 1 students. It is going great. In January some of my students who were repeating Algebra took the Regents. They all said that so many of the problems we had done in the workbook were similar to the questions they saw on the Regents. Its a well organized curriculum.

  14. dklevy (verified owner)

    Your course has helped me tremendously! You are clear in your videos and the homework is great practice after working through the videos. I truly appreciate what you have done and as I’m reviewing (and in some cases relearning) algebra 1, I’m able to volunteer in a local high school to help students with their algebra homework.

  15. lbeckwith (verified owner)

    I love using eMath Instruction everyday in my classroom. The materials are great. The format is consistent and students know what to expect- one sheet of notes and one of homework.

    I have used the videos to do a flipped classroom and also for students that miss class- no excuses for not making up a lesson (although, let’s be real- students will give us excuses anyway!)

    Having the additional resources- review packets, multiple versions of exams and quizzes, plus other practice materials is very helpful and saves me a ton of time.

    Finding the additional resources and not having all the assessments in one place are the only, very minimal, frustration I have with the website. Overall, finding the lesson resources is very easy to use.

    Finding eMath Instruction has given me the opportunity to focus more on my students.

  16. terescoc (verified owner)

    I love using this system for Algebra I. I have had positive feedback from students as well. I have a highly motivated group this year and they like being able to keep up with the class if they are absent or miss school for family trips, etc. We use a “flip the classroom” model in Algebra and the students have commented that they like being able to go back over the video if they feel they have missed something. Customer service is also excellent – all questions are answered promptly and professionally. Thanks for a great product.

  17. thebadons05 (verified owner)

    Fantastic the best money I have ever spent on my classroom. The curriculum builds nicely from beginning to end and covers all essential topics. The questions are accessible yet challenging and thought provoking. I really think the entire NYC should adopt this curriculum!

  18. Kirk Weiler (verified owner)

    Thanks Pam! We appreciate the feedback.

  19. Pamela Mansfield (verified owner)

    I LOVE this curriculum.

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