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    draucker.homeschool (verified owner)

    As a homeschool dad, I highly recommend eMathInstruction for homeschooling. The lessons combine video instruction with worksheets, which enables students to step through the lessons, personally working out each example to ensure they learn each concept before moving on to the next. My son likes to pause the video to try solving each example first, and then watch the video to see if he got it right.
    The post-video Fluency, Application, and Reasoning worksheet sections (aka homework) ensure that students grasp the concepts presented, as well as achieve the ability to apply the knowledge to solve typical real world problems.
    The parent/teacher answer sheets are especially useful because they include each step required to determine the correct answer. This ensures students not only find the correct answer, but do so using the correct steps in the appropriate order. It also enables students to identify specifically where they went wrong when they have an incorrect answer.
    My son and I used several alternative online math courses, including an attempt at DIY lessons. Nothing worked as well as eMathInstruction.
    Special note: The person teaching often makes a difference. Their style, their speech patterns (tone and inflection) make a difference. This is where Kirk Weiler really excels. He’s a true educator, not just a presenter. He consistently stays on-topic, never veering off on a tangent or talking about personal experiences, as we experienced with some other online video courses. Additionally, responses to email inquires are consistently quick, on-point, and appropriate.
    My only complaint about the lessons is the dependence on the TI-84 calculator. We have a different calculator (TI-nSpire CX), which makes following those particular lessons difficult. If you’re going to subscribe, be sure to purchase a TI-84 for your student.

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    sgough (verified owner)

    I have been using emathinstruction for several years for Algebra 2 and this year for Algebra 1. I LOVE this curriculum and the variety of quizzes, tests, and add-ons to enhance the topics. My students do well on state tests thanks to Kirk Weiler and crew! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    mattison_m (verified owner)

    I have used emath Common Core Algebra II for 5 years now. I love that everything is consistent; same format each lesson and then homeworks. I used to make all my own quizzes, so I am thankful emath has now added mid-unit quizzes. I also take advantage of the multiple forms of the test as I have different sections of the same course and they try to cheat often!

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    Mary Haugen (verified owner)

    We have been using eMATHinstruction at our school since 2015 and we absolutely love this comprehensive curriculum! The lessons and supporting materials are hands down the best I have ever seen and I’ve been teaching high school math since 1989. The website is organized and easy to navigate. Lessons and tests are adaptable to different skill levels, the videos are great for review or to use when I am absent or when a student is absent, and the live Regents reviews are a blessing! Thank you Kirk for this outstanding product!

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    Mordechai Halberstadt (verified owner)

    I think quarterly quizzes for each unit in addition to the existing assessments could be helpful.

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    ashako (verified owner)

    We used this course for homeschooling, and we are very happy with it. We like the format with the one sheet of notes and one sheet for homework. Thank you!

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    Beginning this year I was super worried how I was going to keep up with teaching students in person and students who were remote. Having two preps (one of them bran new to me) there was no way I was going to be able to record for both of them in advance and I was worried about recording live and the videos being ridiculously long or the video messing up half way through and then having to rerecord it again later.
    N-Gen Math made my life 10 times easier in this crazy year. I did end up recording for my other class (Alg 1) and using my own materials, but only because I was more familiar with it. If I hadn’t been teaching Algebra for 6 years now, I might have used N-Gen’s Algebra too. The materials are very through, and have many different levels of questions. I really enjoyed how each unit built on the next and would use previous content in questions, and keep referencing back to material from earlier units.
    In a crazy year of teaching like this has been, N-Gen saved my sanity. In a normal year of teaching, I could see how this format would be a great building block and I would use other materials to supplement more practice when needed of the more difficult concepts.

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    mrogers (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this curriculum. It’s complete with lessons, homeworks, reviews, tests, and more. It makes it very easy to cover everything that needs to be covered. The videos are great for the students to watch if they need a little extra help.

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    I have used Algebra 1, Math 7 and Math 8 curriculums and absolutely love them. I am hopeful our school will continue with them again next year!

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    I love using this curriculum for Algebra I. The positive feedback I get from my students is wonderful. Thanks for a great product.