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Unit #1 Answer Key

Well, the school year starts for many of us right after Labor Day weekend, less than three weeks away. For some, it starts even sooner. In anticipation of that, I’m making freely available the answer key compilation for Unit #1. You can download it by clicking on:


Unit #1 Answer Key

I hope this helps planning for the upcoming year easier. It’s never too late to start commenting. I won’t start making edits until it makes sense to make edits, i.e. as the year progresses and we see where this experiment leads us.

For now, download some Unit #1, get some photocopying done, and don’t forget to hit the Dutchess County Fair with your kids! It’s awesome.

2 thoughts on “Unit #1 Answer Key

  1. Why I can’t download the algebra unit 1 answer key

  2. You need to have an account with us to download answer keys.

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