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Unit #1.Lesson #2.Variables and Expressions

O.k. So, this lesson is mainly about expressions and not so much about variables. At this point, I make the assumption that students are comfortable representing unknown quantities with variables, so not a lot of discussion occurs with them. Leave your thoughts and comments, please!


CCAlgI.Unit #1.Lesson #2.Variables and Expressions

4 thoughts on “Unit #1.Lesson #2.Variables and Expressions

  1. I’m just trying to comment on this lesson to see how this works. So far, it is fairly impressive, but I’ll just have to see what I can do.

  2. Some thoughts on the regular unit posts:
    — Have a unifying and consistent format. It makes finding items much easier. Something like this .
    — Use the tags and categories. They make navigating the site easier. The tags especially are useful because you can apply them to the specific lessons within a unit that they apply to. I didn’t use tags on my website last year and you can see how cumbersome the category list can become as a result. For now, the only tag I would recommend is “Lesson with Video” but you might have others that would be useful.
    — I think requiring a name and email for comments is the right way to go.
    — I don’t know if you intend to comment on each lesson like you do on this one, but it would be a good way to share your thoughts on how any one lesson fits in with the others or with the unit as a whole. It would also be a good way to seek specific comments from users. It would be more work, too, but perhaps would pay off in the long run.
    — It would also be a bit more work at the beginning, but posting an update history as I did in my example would probably be useful as well, so teachers could compare the posted version to their version and see if there are any changes they need to make for their students. This is entirely up to you, of course.

  3. We have a copy service in my district and, before I left for the summer, I sent unit 1 to be copied. How different is the updated version as far as unit 1 is concerned? Do I need to reprint the whole thing? Individual lessons?


  4. Scott,
    Good question. There were many minor changes, mostly do to grammatical errors. There were some small changes in terms of the mathematics, but nothing earth shattering. I’m sorry I don’t have a running log of the changes that were made. You could certainly check each one of the lessons versus the ones I’ve posted to this site. Those are the most recent.

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