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Unit #1.Lesson #4.The Distributive Property

The distributive property is one of my favorites to think about as a math teacher. I think about how little I understood about the standard multiplication algorithm when I was in grade school. I try to introduce the property with real number examples, before jumping into the more algebraic approach. I also emphasize the distribution of division at the end of the lesson. I think most Algebra teachers would sympathize with my frustration that even high level students will fail to distribute with division, even when they have it down pat with multiplication.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #1.Lesson #4.The Distributive Property

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2 thoughts on “Unit #1.Lesson #4.The Distributive Property

  1. Great idea to introduce the division right away as well !

  2. Thanks! I don’t know about you, but I have always found it strange that students are so comfortable with the distribution of multiplication over addition and subtraction, but not the distribution of division. I think it is good to introduce it early on.

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