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Unit #1.Lesson #5.Equivalent Expressions

So much of what we teach in algebra consists of how to rearrange one expression into another that is equivalent. But, I think I’ve often lost site of that forest for the trees that clutter all of the techniques and rules. So, I wanted to establish early on in this course the idea of two expressions being equivalent due to the properties of real numbers that we had just worked with. I try to keep the examples relatively simple and the number crunching appropriate.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #1.Lesson #5.Equivalent Expressions

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2 thoughts on “Unit #1.Lesson #5.Equivalent Expressions

  1. perhaps note that evaluating expressions at specific values can determine if expressions are not equivalent (counterexample) but equivalence is suggested by checking not proven?

  2. Meg,

    I point this out in videos when I present the evidence for equivalency. I agree that equivalency cannot be proved with examples but that we can certainly know that two expressions are not equivalent if we find a value of the replacement variable where they are not equal.

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