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Unit #1.Lesson #6.Seeing Structure in Expressions

This was a lesson that I dreamed about writing before I ever started this crazy venture. I wanted students to understand how the three primary properties of numbers could be used to manipulate algebraic expressions enough to solve riddles. So, I build a variety of exercises that force students to manipulate an expression to find its value based on the value of a related expression. I love this lesson and really want to encourage teachers to let me know how it went.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #1.Lesson #6.Seeing Structure in Expressions

Click here to watch the video.

On a funny side note, this was one of the first videos I had ever made. So, I had a terrible background, no theme music, and couldn’t see very well because I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

2 thoughts on “Unit #1.Lesson #6.Seeing Structure in Expressions

  1. Thank you, I used to not like math because it was hard, but now I can solve the problems I struggled with in a heartbeat.

  2. Jacob. That’s awesome. I’m glad that math is starting to click for you. Sometimes it takes awhile.

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