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Unit #1.Lesson #7.Exponents as Repeated Multiplication

I wanted to be able to work with functions involving exponents early in the course. So, I thought a day of review and practice with fundamental exponent ideas was warranted in the first unit. It’s always debatable to me where this should first be introduced, but I think students coming out of 8th grade Common Core mathematics should be able to handle this lesson, which culminates with students multiplying monomials.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #1.Lesson #7.Exponents as Repeated Multiplication

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1 thought on “Unit #1.Lesson #7.Exponents as Repeated Multiplication

  1. How about calling Exponent Rule #1, the multiplication rule for exponents or something similar? I don’t like the idea that exponent rule #1 is a universal name for this rule and I do like the idea of modeling how to justify these steps.

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