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Unit #2.Lesson #1.Equations and Their Solutions

In this lesson we make sure that students understand the basic concept of what a solution to an equation is in terms of truth values. This is emphasized up front, as opposed to bringing in checks at the end. I like this approach because I want students to understand the forest of equations before we start wading through the trees.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #2.Lesson #1.Equations and Their Solutions

And here is the video:

3 thoughts on “Unit #2.Lesson #1.Equations and Their Solutions

  1. Has anyone introduced the concept of a solution graphically? The students should already be familiar with the basics of graphing a line and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to remind them that the solution to the equation of a line is a point on the line. I’m conflicted wondering if introducing the graphing concepts would be too much at this point but at the same time thinking that this lesson might be too simplistic.

  2. Scott,

    Have you looked at the lesson called “The Truth About Graphing.” It is Unit #4.Lesson #10, so it is a ways off, to put it mildly. But, it really its on this crucial, and often misunderstood, idea.


  3. During the lesson on consecutive integers, I asked my students to write an equation where the produce of two consecutive even integers was 168. I told them not to solve it (because it’s a quadratic) and some asked about what the answer would be. When I explained that there would be two sets of answers, one student asked about how that could be when the lines only cross once! I was so impressed by the connection he made and we talked very briefly about how this would lead us eventually to the study of parabolas. Thought it was worth mentioning here because I did introduce the concepts of graphing and solutions during this initial lesson.

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