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Unit #2.Lesson #4.Justifying Steps in Solving an Equation

Understandably, the Common Core standards ask for students to be able to justify each step in solving an equation by using either a property of real numbers, such as the commutative and associative properties, or a property of equality. I worry a bit about this devolving into another exercise in students memorizing the names of the properties, yet still not understanding why they are important.

Here’s the lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #2.Lesson #4.Justifying Steps in Solving an Equation

And the video:

3 thoughts on “Unit #2.Lesson #4.Justifying Steps in Solving an Equation

  1. I see this as proof readiness for Geometry and I like it!

  2. Thanks Meg. I like the reasoning aspect as well.

  3. I started using proofs last year because I noticed how much trouble my tutorees had with Geometry proofs! What are your thoughts on allowing them to bring in a card/paper with the proofs and definitions on them? I love the concept of reasoning but I am hesitant to expect students to memorize the properties.

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