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Unit #2.Lesson #8.Inequalities (Just Another True/False Question)

So, I wanted to make sure, first, that students understand that some inequalities are true and some are false. Then, I wanted to make sure that students really understood that a solution to an inequality, no matter how weird the inequality looks, is simply a value of x that makes the inequality true. I think many times our techniques for solving inequalities loses this basic truth.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #2.Lesson #8.Inequalities

The Video:

4 thoughts on “Unit #2.Lesson #8.Inequalities (Just Another True/False Question)

  1. Isn’t it that this lesson is really CC standard 6.EE.B.5? I agree that students shouldn’t really be surprised by this and that they should understand what it means to be a solution to an inequality, but do we need to spend a full class period on it? Could the next lesson be modified so as to include this concept, I wonder?

  2. Hmmm… good question. Maybe as we teach it we can see whether they seem to naturally know the concept of if it was a good idea to discuss it. I think that’s what it boils down to. One of the things they are supposed to be fluent in coming to CC Algebra I is the skill of solving linear equations with any type of coefficients (rational numbers). And yet, I still think it is good to spend a few lessons solving these equations. So, has anyone yet taught this (or any other) lesson and found it to be not necessary..

    Thanks for the comment Scott!!!! Please keep them coming.

  3. I planned it as a 1/2 period lesson after a 1/2 period quiz. The kids were able to complete the homework with no problem.

  4. Great! Sorry if it was too short. Sometimes that’s hard to anticipate.

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