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Unit #3.Lesson #2.Function Notation

In this lesson we examine f(x) notation and how to interpret it in various contexts. The notation is first used with an function rule given by an equation. Then it is expanded to include both a tabular and graphical example. This was one of the first screencast videos I made and takes place in front of my daughter’s curtains. I’m not even wearing my red shirt in this one.

The Lesson: CCAlgI.Unit #3.Lesson #2.Function Notation

The Video:

3 thoughts on “Unit #3.Lesson #2.Function Notation

  1. I am debating whether to show my students function notation on the TInSpires. It is a lot easier to use than on the TI84. Any thoughts? I could wait until Lesson 5 where we graph and table with Technology.

  2. I ended up doing this lesson over two days. I did the front and part of back of notes and assigned the front of the HW the first day. The second day I finished the lesson and then showed function notation on the TI nSpire.

  3. Bruce,

    Cool that you are showing them the function notation on the nSpire. We don’t use it at AHS. Mostly we instruct with the TI-84+. I still like showing my own students function notation on this model. It always makes me wonder about the how far we should take the technology, although it does make calculating average rate of change much, much easier.

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