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Unit #4.Lesson #2.Unit Conversions

O.k. I get the feeling that this lesson will be a bit of an overreach, but who knows? I love converting units and there are some tough problems in this lesson. I do try to make them engaging and try to also get some conversion of rates going on. I hope that it doesn’t discourage students. You never really know how unit type questions will arise in an assessment setting.

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3 thoughts on “Unit #4.Lesson #2.Unit Conversions

  1. Hi Kirk,

    I got very nervous when I saw this lesson….but I gave it a go and it worked wonderfully! Again, I have accelerated 8th grade students who are pretty motivated and up for a challenge. After completing the question about Usain Bolt an awesome conversation developed where my kids challenged how fast that really was. So the next day we headed out to our track and several kids ran 100 meters and we timed them. It allowed us to calculate there times in feet per sec and then the calculated their own times in miles per hour. They were super into it and I was surprised a how well they were able to do the conversions on their own. Thanks for the challenge!!!

  2. I was really nervous as well. I’m still not sure of the level of this lesson, but I really appreciate the feedback. It was super cool that you did the project with them and had them convert their speeds to miles per hour. So neat!!!

  3. hey kirk i thought this lesson was very hard

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