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Unit #5 Smart Notebook Files by Geralyn Schroeder

So, adding to our collection of resources, a great teacher from North Colonie, Geralyn Schroeder, has volunteered all sorts of great materials. She’s starting us off with some Unit #5 Smart Notebook Files. These should help many people when they come back from break and need some resources for their SMART Boards.

Thank you Geralyn for sharing these and for forcing me to get my act together with Google Drive (yet another account).

A1 U5L01 Solutions and Graphing Method

A1 U5L02 Substitution Method

A1-U5L03 Properties & Solutions

A1-U5L04- Elimination Method

A1-U5L05 Modeling

A1-U5L06 – Solving Equations Graphically

A1-U5L07 Systems of Inequalities

A1-U5L08 Modeling Systems of Inequalities

A1-U5L09 Review

4 thoughts on “Unit #5 Smart Notebook Files by Geralyn Schroeder

  1. Haha…. Sorry about the google drive! I wasn’t sure they would all go through email.

    I will send the docs via email….and the next set of SmartBoards.

  2. Geralyn,

    No, no. The Google Drive worked GREAT!!! No, I was actually thanking you for getting me to do it. I have other Drive accounts, just hadn’t gotten around to it on the new computer.


  3. Hello Mr.Weiler,

    I am having troubles trying to get the homework worksheet for solving inequality’s if there is a way you could send it to me through google; that would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Please email us directly at to request individual lessons. Please cite the unit and lesson number to help facilitate the request.

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