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NYC MATH TEACHERS & ADMINISTRATORS! You can now get our Next-Gen Algebra I Workbooks, along with all our other workbooks, on SHOPDOE.COM — just log in and search for “eMATH”. Our workbooks are NYS-NGMLS-aligned and available in English AND Spanish! We are super excited: This is the first year Algebra I will be on the new standards — time to celebrate at ShopDOE.com

Algebra I Live Regents Review

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We will be hosting our annual YouTube Live Regents review for Algebra I. Kirk Weiler will be going over the June 2019 Algebra I Regents exam. Click below to subscribe on YouTube and access a copy of the exam. Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2021 6:00-9:00 pm

Next Generation Algebra I vs CCSS Algebra I

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In September of 2022, schools around New York State will transition from the Common Core State Standards version of Algebra I to the New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards version of Algebra I. Although this transition could certainly be viewed skeptically as simply a rebranding of the Common Core standards, there are important changes that have been made to the course. At eMATHinstruction, we will be publishing N-Gen Math Algebra I to align… Read more »