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This online membership contains access to answers to lessons and homework sets as well as unit reviews to both the Common Core Algebra II and Algebra 2 with Trigonometry courses. Editable MS Word files, assessments and Add-ons are available as well, depending on membership type. See “Membership Types” below to learn more.

Also see our printed Common Core Algebra II Workbook and our Algebra 2 with Trigonometry Workbook with lessons and homework sets.

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This online membership contains answers to over 200 lessons and homework sets. Available resources include Common Core Algebra II that covers the PARCC End of Year Standards from the Common Core Curriculum as well as Algebra 2 with Trigonometry. Unit reviews, unit assessments, editable MS Word files and more are available as well, depending on membership type.

Unit 1 – Algebraic Essentials Review
Unit 2 – Functions as the Cornerstones of Algebra II
Unit 3 – Linear Functions, Equations, and Their Algebra
Unit 4 – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Unit 5 – Sequences and Series
Unit 6 – Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra
Unit 7 – Transformations of Functions
Unit 8 – Radicals and the Quadratic Formula
Unit 9 – Complex Numbers
Unit 10 – Polynomial and Rational Functions
Unit 11 – The Circular Functions
Unit 12 – Probability
Unit 13 – Statistics

Workbooks for Common Core Algebra II and Algebra 2 with Trigonometry are sold separately.

This online membership also grants access to all Algebra 2 with Trigonometry lessons and homework sets.

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Teacher Plus, Tutor

Membership Types

Tutor Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to pdf files of unit reviews and their answers

Teacher Plus Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to unit reviews including answer keys
  • Access to monthly add-ons which include extra lessons, practice, activities and assessments
  • Access to editable files of all lessons, homework sets, unit reviews and assessments
  • Access to assessments for all units (Note: access to assessment items is automatic when ordering with a school issued Purchase Order. For those purchasing with a credit card, access to assessments requires verification of employment as a math or special education teacher at a private or public school.)
  • Bulk discount pricing if 10 or more Teacher Plus memberships of any one course are ordered ($100 per membership).

9 reviews for Algebra II Membership

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  1. ajayrambarran1

    Amazing videos that explain concepts from CC Algebra 2 very well to students. 5/5.

  2. Jackie Schacht (verified owner)

    As a seasoned Algebra 1 teacher, I often used the freely available Algebra 1 materials to supplement my instruction. 2020-2021 has been my first year teaching Algebra 2 and with the overwhelming year of remote and hybrid learning, I decided to purchase the teacher subscription for the Algebra 2 content. I am so glad I did! It has helped me guide my pacing through the year and check my alignment to state standards. The supplemental materials have been well worth the purchase as I’ve continued to build a new-to-me course during a year of intense uncertainty. Being able to rely on excellent add-ons, exit tickets, and unit reviews and assessments has been a lifesaver this year!

  3. mattison_m (verified owner)

    I have used emath Common Core Algebra II for 5 years now. I love that everything is consistent; same format each lesson and then homeworks. I used to make all my own quizzes, so I am thankful emath has now added mid-unit quizzes. I also take advantage of the multiple forms of the test as I have different sections of the same course and they try to cheat often!

  4. msfantaske

    The best program I have EVER used (and I’ve been teaching for over 31 years). It provides support every step of the way. Thank you!!

  5. Kathleen Devlin (verified owner)

    Emathinstruction has truly saved me this year! I love having the videos as back up to my lessons. The pacing is right on target. My favorite aspect to each unit is the DESMOS activities.

  6. mstuart

    Material is an awesome base to work from, especially the sequence and pacing. The kids love having the videos to reference if they miss time or need a little extra review. The scaffolding of the HW I think is pretty great, starting with basics and moving up to regents level questions and other extensions. Overall a really quality product and a great value!

  7. kporter-moore

    I’ve used emathinstruction Algebra II for 3 years. Having the students notes & homework in the same book has been great. The book aligns with the NYS standards, my regents results are extremely high.

  8. Amy (verified owner)

    This Common Core Algebra 2 has been a lifesaver. The enormity of the CC Alg 2 curriculum makes it hard to know how to pace and from the beginning this has been my guide. I’ve used this curriculum through at least 3 times and it keeps me on track to squeeze in all the content. I do combine some shorter lessons and units in order to have time for review, but editable versions of all documents make that an easy task. The subscription includes all the notes, homeworks, quizzes, review and tests for all units. I highly recommend it for any Algebra 2 classroom.

  9. epapa (verified owner)

    eMathInstruction has been an invaluable tool for preparing my students for the Common Core Algebra 2 exam.

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