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This online membership provides electronic access for one year to the answer key to each of the lessons and homework sets contained in this course including access to unit reviews and answers. Teacher Plus memberships* also offer access to monthly Add-Ons which include unit assessments, extra lessons and activities as well as editable MS Word files of all materials. See “Membership Types” below to learn more. *Note that ONLY verified teachers will gain access to assessments.

Also see our printed N-Gen Math™ 6 Workbook with lessons and homework sets.

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N-Gen Math™ 6 by Kirk Weiler is a full course curriculum aligned to the Next Generation standards as adopted by New York State. This curriculum is carefully written for the 6th grade student. Topics are introduced in a thoughtful sequence and are designed to develop skills that build upon each other for complete understanding of mathematical concepts. The workbook for this course is a printed collection of the lessons and homework sets that can be previewed on the N-Gen Math™ 6 course page. The answer key is sold separately as a yearly membership.

Table of Contents
Unit 1 – The Whole Numbers
Unit 2 – Fractions
Unit 3 – Decimals
Unit 4 – Negative Numbers
Unit 5 – Algebraic Expressions
Unit 6 – Equations and Inequalities
Unit 7 – Ratios and Rates
Unit 8 – Percent
Unit 9 – Area
Unit 10 – Solids
Unit 11 – Statistics
Unit 12 – Probability

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Membership Type

Teacher Plus, Tutor

Membership Types

Tutor Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to pdf files of unit reviews and their answers

Teacher Plus Membership / (1 user)

  • Access to pdf files of the answer key to all lessons and homework sets for the course
  • Access to unit reviews including answer keys
  • Access to monthly add-ons which include extra lessons, practice, activities and assessments
  • Access to editable files of all lessons, homework sets, unit reviews and assessments
  • Access to assessments for all units (Note: access to assessment items is automatic when ordering with a school issued Purchase Order. For those purchasing with a credit card, access to assessments requires verification of employment as a math or special education teachers at a private or public school.)

5 reviews for N-Gen Math™ 6 Membership

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  1. yosef fogel (verified owner)

    What a great tool for teaching math. You can literally run into the classroom after after 3 minutes of visual prep. The assessments are comprehensive and contain both multiple choice and w.a.sh(work at it and show work) answers. The reviews prep the students perfectly. thanks

  2. bmurano

    These lessons are the absolute best. I’m unsure of why the previous two reviews are saying that they wish there were QR codes and the title of the lessons by Unit & Lesson number…both of these features are already present on all of the lessons….

    Anyway, I’ve used eMath for my Algebra class, 7th grade, 6th grade and was even able to use it for my Accelerated 7th grade class by utilizing the 8th grade course as well. My students LOVE Kirk and the lessons themselves are excellent.

    The ability to scan the QR codes to get right to the video of the lesson being worked on is the best feature in my opinion. If a student is struggling at home on homework or if they or I were absent that day, it is so simple for them to watch the video for help.

    eMathInstruction has become our favorite in all of my classes!

  3. jsliski (verified owner)

    I used the program this year in my general math class. We are not allowed to use the workbooks as consumables so I have been directing the students to your site. I wish there were hardcover books. I enjoy the option of the video for when a student or myself are absent or if a student needs any additional help. I also like the suggestion below of having a QR code or a link from the lesson to the video.

  4. m.ray (verified owner)

    I like the lessons, videos, and workbook. Love that an absent student can watch the lesson video and be caught up.

    There are only two things I wish were found in the workbook:
    – That each lesson was labeled with the Unit # and Lesson #, not just the title of the lesson.
    – That each lesson had a QR code to bring you directly to the video for that lesson.

  5. alissontito05

    I enjoy working with N-gen Math! The academic work they provide us is understandable and fun! I love how watching the video can help SO MUCH with the homework. Now, this makes me enjoy math more and more! I recommend this website. Thank you!