September 2023’s New Teacher Tools

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Geometric pattern with the text "New Teacher Tools September 2023"

The school year has now started up and here at eMATHinstuction, we are working away at new resources and new courses. (Please note the new Geometry course and new Spanish language versions of some of our middle school materials, indicated by *** below). Have at ’em! N-Gen Math 6: N-Gen Math 7: N-Gen Math 8: N-Gen Math Algebra I: ***N-Gen Math Geometry: Common Core Algebra II:

Teachers, Apply Your New Sign-Up Codes

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eMATH Teacher To-Do List, including applying new sign up codes

You should have received your new eMATH sign-up codes for the new school year. When we receive purchase orders from your school business offices, we email them your eMATH membership with new a sign-up code (and, in many cases, your eMATH workbooks). You need to apply the new sign-up code(s) to your account to gain access. If you still have questions about sign-up codes, you’ll get all the answers HERE.