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CC Alg I Unit #10 (Statistics) SMART Notebook Files – by Julie Merana-Spanarelli

Julie Merana-Spanrelli, from Central Islip High School, sent in a great contribution today, especially given the timing. She’s put together a bunch of SMART Notebook files for Unit #10 on Statistics. So, if you use a SMART Board and are about to hit Unit #10, take a look at these before you create your own.

Thanks a ton Julie. We look forward to posting more.

CCAlg1-U10L1-Graphical-Displays-of-Data Smart

CCAlg1-U10L2-Quartiles-and-Box-Plots Smart

CCAlg1-U10L3-Measures-of-Central-Tendency Smart

CCAlg1-U10L4-Variation-within-a-Data-Set Smart

CCAlg1-U10L5-Two-Way-Frequency-Tables Smart

CCAlg1-U10L6-Bivariate-Data-Analysis Smart

CCAlg1-U10L7-Linear-Regression-on-the-Calculator Smart

CCAlg1-U10L8-Other-Types-of-Regression Smart

CCAlg1-U10L9-Quantifying-Predictability Smart

CCAlg1-U10L10-Residuals Smart


4 thoughts on “CC Alg I Unit #10 (Statistics) SMART Notebook Files – by Julie Merana-Spanarelli

  1. How can I get answer key for Unit 10 Review for Common Core Algebra 1.

  2. The answer keys for the Unit reviews will be on our Version 2.0 answer key. It is available now. Please visit our Products page for full details.

  3. HOw do I navigate this site for the answer key? I’m having trouble finding the “Version 2.0…Products page”

  4. Edi. You need to purchase an answer key subscription if you want to access the answer key. Go to our Shop and check out the details.

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