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CC Alg I Unit #9 (Roots) SMART Notebook Files – by Julie Merana-Spanarelli

Julie’s back with more of her awesome SMART Notebook files for the Common Core Algebra I lessons we have on the site. These are really well done and thought out. Check them out if you use a SMART Board to deliver these lessons.

CCAlg1-U9L1-Square-Roots Smart

CCAlg1-U9L2-Irrational-Numbers Smart

CCAlg1-U9L3-Square-Root-Functions-and-Shifting Smart

CCAlg1-U9L4-Solving-Quadratics-Using-Inverse-Operations Smart

CCAlg1-U9L5-Finding-Zeroes-by-Completing-the-Square Smart


CCAlg1-U9L7-Final-Work-with-Quadratic-Equations Smart

CCAlg1-U9L8-Cube Roots

square root points