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Common Core Algebra II Progress

So, I’ve been on “vacation” for two weeks now and have been busy with Common Core Algebra II materials. Primarily I’ve been working on recording the YouTube videos for each lesson. I’m excited to see how these help students and teachers in the coming school year as CC Alg II becomes implemented in New York and other areas.

I’ve always found that many students hit a wall at the Algebra 2 level. A student can manage to earn in the mid-70’s in both Algebra 1 and Geometry and then not be able to pass Algebra 2 (with Trig). So, I’m hopeful these videos can be another tool to help students get beyond that wall. As we all know, Algebra 2 is now considered the gateway mathematics to competitive college acceptance. Check out a newly uploaded CC Algebra II video at:

CCAlgII.U4L4.Writing Equations of Exponential Functions.YouTube Video

Edits are also ongoing on both the text (workbooks) and the answer key. I’ve got a former student, Fraz Lugay, working on finding mistakes I’ve made in the text and the answer key. All of this should come together around the end of July. Final edits will be done and the text will go to our printers at the end of the first week of August. We believe Answer Key CD’s will begin shipping around August 14th and Workbooks will begin to ship around August 19th. Getting there!

I’m off to Italy for the first vacation I’ve taken in two years. Excuse me if I’m slow returning email.