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So, we just relaunched our website and our homepage now has some new additions, specifically three offerings from a company named Efofex.


I would imagine the name of this company would be a mystery to just about anyone who isn’t a math teacher/geek. But, just in case:

Efofex = f(x)

Anyhow, their software is out of this world. My only complaint is that I didn’t know about it until about a year ago. In a nutshell, it allows you to create basically any math graphic that you need for worksheets, assessments, or demonstrations. For example, let’s say I needed a graph showing two exponential curves, one which has been vertically shifted with respect to the other:

Shifted Exponential

Now, I’ve never been able to draw good exponential curves on MS Word and a graph even close to this would have taken me at least 15 minutes to make. On this program, it took only one.

I think the thing I first fell in love with, sad to say, is its ability to graph simple number lines. I used to loathe creating lessons or answer keys that needed graphs on one-dimensional number lines. But now, to graph something like:

$ - 4 \le x < 8$

is extremely easy and we get this beautiful graphic:

Inequality graph

Most of the time, I create the diagrams in black and white because I’m putting them in workbooks. But, color can be added to any drawing in any way. Some of my very favorite graphics to now create are from statistics. From box plots, to histograms, to normal distribution curves, this software can make them all. I find dot plots especially helpful given how hard they are to make on Excel. Here’s a simple one I created in the past on the Efofex software:

Dot Plot

The images have a bit of blur right now when imported in the website, but are crystal clear when in Word.

Efofex makes drawing geometric diagrams a snap. I’m so thankful for this right now as I write Common Core Geometry. I couldn’t even image doing so without having Efofex to make the diagram work so much faster. Here’s a good example. Say you are creating one of those problems with the altitude drawn from the vertex of a right triangle to its hypotenuse. Always fun, right?!? Well, this little diagram took me 45 seconds (yes I timed myself) to create:

Right Triangle

The software for Efofex works seamlessly with MS Word and other programs. In fact, once downloaded, it creates a tab in MS Word that allows easy access.

MS Word Tabs

You can see how all of this works by taking a look at a recent video I did on FX Draw and FX Stat (where I sound kind of like a robot – sorry!!!).

I would encourage teachers to try the 30 day free trial of the software. There is no catch. After 30 days, it just becomes inactive. But, it is such a great set of programs, I bet most teachers would continue to want to use them. They are offered on an exceptionally affordable membership basis, which I love because you then get great updates all the time. For example, they just added three-dimensional graphing functionality. So cool!!!

Feel free to email to ask questions if you have them: