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eMath April 2020 Newsletter

So, we find ourselves in week #6 of quarantine here is upstate New York. I imagine wherever you’re at, you’ve been homebound for just as long as we have here at eMath. We’ve had a lot of increase in our work since schools have closed because of how many are moving to remote learning models. Besides trying to keep up with many emails asking about remote learning, we’ve also been busy with add-on creation as well as finishing the first editions of our middle school N-Gen Math series. Let me first discuss our latest round of add-ons.

In our Common Core Algebra I Add-Ons this month we bring you some mid-unit quizzes as well as a Form D assessment. We bring you the Unit 7 (Polynomials) and Unit 8 (Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra) Mid-Unit Quizzes this month. These could even be helpful during these times to use as review assessments or finals review materials. We also bring you the Unit 9 (Roots and Irrational Numbers) Form D Assessment.

For our Common Core Geometry Add-Ons this month we have two new resources. First, we bring you the Unit 9 (Circle Geometry) Form C Assessment. We also offer the Unit 10 (Measurement and Modeling) Exit Tickets. We’ve found that teachers are making creative use of the exit tickets during this period of online learning.

We have three new resources for you in our Common Core Algebra II Add-Ons. First, we have the Unit 11 (Circular Functions) Exit Tickets. We also have the Unit 11 Form D Assessment. Finally, we also bring you the Unit 12 (Probability) Exit Tickets.

This month in Algebra 2 with Trigonometry Add-Ons we have the Unit 10 (Exponential and Logarithmic Functions) Form C Assessment. We then bring you the Unit 11 (Probability) Exit Tickets and Form C Assessment.

Since I last wrote, we have been busy finishing up the first edition of our middle school courses. We have now finished and uploaded all videos for the three courses. We hope that they help with some of the remote instruction that is happening now. We are also working on finishing the first version of the workbooks, the answer keys, and the unit reviews. We will begin to create assessment materials for all three courses in the early summer.

There has been a lot of news out of the education world, including the cancellation of the New York State Regents exams and the delay of the Next Generation Standards implementation by one year. Here at eMATHinstruction, we will be facing all of these challenges with our eyes on the future as well as the present to make sure we have materials ready for when and how teachers will need to use them.