eMath November Newsletter

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Now that we’ve made it past Halloween and the election, it’s time for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. As always, we’ve been busy here at eMATHinstruction with Common Core Geometry, Course Add-Ons, and Conferences left and right. I’ll discuss each in turn, but let’s get right to the add-ons.

This month in our Common Core Algebra I Add-Ons we have our latest installment of Form B exams. We now have one posted for Unit #4 (Linear Functions) and Unit #5 (Linear Systems). We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from teachers about how much they enjoy having additional exams that mirror the originals. Perhaps in 2017-2018 we will start with the Form C exams. Who knows? As well as these resources, we also have an additional problem set on real world applications of Linear Systems. You can never have too many Linear Systems Word problems to choose from, so it’s great to have an additional set for those students who are struggling or just extra practice for all of your students.

We continue to follow the assessment theme in our Common Core Algebra II Add-Ons this month by publishing a Form B exam for both Unit #6 (Quadratic Functions) and Unit #7 (Transformations). Both exams mirror the original by assessing the same standards in a given problem while modifying it enough to be able to be used as a makeup exam or even a redo. As well as these assessments, we have also created another Desmos graphing activity. This activity on Transforming Functions should be done at the end of Unit #7 and will solidify student understanding of how modifying a function’s equation can change its graph. This would be a great activity to do on the day before a long break (hint, hint).

Finally, for Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Add-Ons, we supplied two additional assessments. As we’ve noted in previous newsletters, one of the big gaps in our Algebra 2 with Trigonometry curriculum is a lack of Unit assessments. This month we add a full unit quiz for Unit #5 (Complex Numbers) and a Formative Assessment for Unit #6 (Polynomial and Rational Functions). That second assessment is a beast. We highly recommend taking a look at it and thinking about the amount of time it will take your students to complete.

In other exciting news, we are coming closer and closer to be finished with Common Core Geometry, at least in its Beta Version. We now have 9 out of 10 units posted, with our latest unit, Circle Geometry, posted just this morning along with the add-ons. Check out all of the units by going over to our Courses page:


As always, we love when teachers test our courses in these rough versions and let us know about issues, both large and small, that they see. There truly is nothing like having lots of eyes on a curriculum to help remove the bugs. We plan on finishing the Beta version by Winter break and then begin on the answer key and videos. We hope to be able to sell books and answer key subscriptions in late March of 2017.

Finally, we are now in the middle of conference season. I’ve presented now up in Albany, down in Rye Brook, and soon in New York City. This week alone I will be flying out to Phoenix, Arizona, then back on a red-eye in order to present down in Hunter College to AMTNYC. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, I’ll just about be ready to sleep for a week. I’m sure many of my teacher friends will be ready as well.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving break everyone. Five days off will feel great. May your stomachs be full and your naps long as the days grow short again. Remember, you can always contact me with questions and suggestions at: [email protected].