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Huge Common Core Algebra II Reference Packet – by Elaine Perkins

Elaine Perkins of Elmira High School, upstate in the Southern Tier,  just sent us an awesome synopsis of the material in Common Core Algebra II. This isn’t a review set of problems, but a comprehensive listing of all of the content with important formulas and other ideas.

Elaine was kind enough to supply the document, which must have taken her weeks to create. She gave it to use in MS Word. So, teachers can decide if they want to use it en masse or if they want to tailor it to the material that they taught in their course. It’s simply that comprehensive. Here it is:

Algebra II Common Core Review

Thanks Elaine. This comes at a great time as we get closer and closer to June 1st.

2 thoughts on “Huge Common Core Algebra II Reference Packet – by Elaine Perkins

  1. In the parabola review, p = distance from focus to directrix….so 2p equals focal width and 1/2p equals distance from vertex to focus and vertex to directrix. In the equation, from the modules with this definition, it should be 2p not 4p. Other Algebra 2 books use 4p, but in the modules p is total distance so in equation it should be 2p.
    Also check the review on “i” numbers,i cubed did not come out as -i.

  2. A big “Thanks!” to Elaine for sharing this document. I just tweaked a few topics that I did a little differently, but it was easy in the format you gave us to make minor changes. This is a great overall review – good Luck to everyone on June 1st!

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