New York City ShopDOE and FAMIS Listings

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For the past three years, eMATHinstruction has been working to get our books available on the New York City ordering portals ShopDOE and FAMIS. Just yesterday, we got the last of our current books, Common Core Algebra I in Spanish, up on the two sites!

In order to find our materials on ShopDOE and FAMIS easier, we have published a ShopDOE and FAMIS item list. The two sites differ in how you find books on them (ShopDOE uses item numbers whereas FAMIS uses ISBNs). The pdf file below gives a complete list of these numbers:

eMATHinstruction ShopDOE and FAMIS List 2018

As well, in our Shop, we also have these numbers listed for each individual book. Just go to the workbook’s product page and click on the ShopDOE/FAMIS Information tab:

Once you click on that tab, you will then see an exhaustive listing of both the ShopDOE and FAMIS information:

Visit the site to see all of the listings and get those book orders in. By mid-August books demand will start to outpace supply and we all know what happens then.


2 thoughts on “New York City ShopDOE and FAMIS Listings

  1. I’m looking at using either Algebra II or Algebra II with Trig. But there are no videos in the latter course. Is that intentional?

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Algebra 2 with Trigonometry was our first book, published in 2009. We had not begun to make videos at the time for this course because the tech wasn’t readily available. We do not plan on making videos for it in the near future because it is not aligned to the Common Core Standards.



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