Polynomial Identities (or A-APR.4)

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So, I’ve been writing a bit of Common Core Algebra II lately. As a general principle, if there is a standard that PARCC had told us will be assessed on the EOY exam, then I will address it in the text. Will I nail all of the types of questions kids will see on any given standard? Absolutely not, and no other resource will either.

But, I tell you. Some of these standards, such as the topic of this post:


(Click on the fuzzy image above to see a clear image).

Anyhow, I worked out the lesson and homework for this particular topic. It sort of just sticks out in the middle of my unit on Polynomial and Rational Functions.

But, you know what? I like the lesson. The math geek in me took over and I tried to make it as engaging as possible, while also strengthening their algebraic manipulation skills in meaningful ways.

Here it is:

Unit #10.Lesson #5.Polynomial Identities