Sample Proportion Simulation (PSIMUL)

Population Proportion
This is the proportion of the population that demonstrates a particular characteristic. Enter as decimals (i.e. 50% = 0.5). Please use keyboard to enter numbers with more than two significant digits.
Sample Size
This is the size of the simulated sample. For each member of the sample, a random number will be generated between 0 and 1. If that random number is less than or equal to the population proportion, then that member will be considered to have the population characteristic (i.e counted as a “success”).
Number of Simulations
This is the number of samples that will be simulated. For each simulation, the sample proportion will be calculated as the number of successes divided by the sample size.
Decimal Accuracy
This will not affect calculations in any way. Sample proportions will be reported to this number of digits after rounding. Two decimal places is typical. The distribution of sample proportions can be easily plotted in a dot plot or histogram.

Please select if you would like the output to be in rows or columns. The results shown are the simulated sample proportions.


To copy results, click on the above box and press CTRL+A (select all) then CTRL+C (copy).

The Mean of the Sample Proportions =

The Standard Deviation of the Sample Proportions =