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Sharing More Materials – Smart Notebook Files by Ann Murray

So, Ann Murray, from the Dover Union Free School District, has made an amazing offer. She has created Smart Notebook Files for all of the lessons in the curriculum up to Unit #4.Lesson #5. These can be used to more easily present the lessons if your classroom has a classic SmartBoard.

She is willing to share them, and I’m willing to post them, if people show interest! Ann sent me two of these that I am going to post here. I’m also starting a whole new category called Sharing Resources devoted to sharing things other than assessments tied to this curriculum. So, if you’ve made a game, an activity, a review sheet, or presentations that you’d like to share, please consider contributing.

Give this post a like on Facebook or in some other way let me know, so I can let Ann know, if we should post more of them. For now, THANKS Ann for sharing these first two Smart Notebook Files:

U4 Lesson 1 – Proportional Relationships

U4 Lesson 2 – Unit Conversions


2 thoughts on “Sharing More Materials – Smart Notebook Files by Ann Murray

  1. Can you share the rest of these notebook files?

  2. Brian,

    Also consider checking out the SMART files that other teachers have contributed:

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