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Running a blogspot and general discussion forum is something new to me. I update the forum a lot because great teachers are sending me reviews, assessments, and other materials constantly. The only things that show up on the main site, though, are the posts that get the front page news (i.e. pretty much whenever I’m rambling).

What doesn’t show up are all the instances when I post new assessments, reviews, etcetera. So, it can be tough if you want to keep up to date with when those types of materials have been posted.

At the bottom of EVERY page on eMATHinstruction, you will find a handy little RSS Feed icon. It’s shown pictured below and it kind of looks like a wifi strength indicator. If you click on the RSS icon, it will take you to a page that summarizes all of the changes that have occurred to the site and all of the updates, including new posts. So, it is a very convenient way to keep track of everything.


Meg Clemens, a great educator from St. Lawrence-Lewise BOCES, gave me this suggestion, and I really appreciate it. Thanks Meg for making the site easier to use!

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  1. Thanks Kirk. I subscribed to the RSS for both the updates to the blog and the updates to the comments. In case anyone is unfamiliar w/ RSS, this is what you add to a news reader like My Yahoo to keep up on the most recent info.

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