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Unit #3 Smart Notebook Files – by Ann Murray

So, our good friend, Ann Murray, has contributed another round of Smart Notebook files just in time for the holiday break. She has given us Unit 3 files. So, those of you with SMART Boards be sure to give these a look over your time off.

Thanks Ann for your continued contributions to teachers around New York state and the country.

U3 Lesson 1 Intro to Functions

U3 Lesson 2 Function Notation

U3 Lesson 3 Graphs of Functions

U3 Lesson 4 Graphical Features & Terminology

U3 Lesson 5 Exploring Fns w Calculator

U3 Lesson 6 Average Rate of Change

U3 Lesson 7 Domain and Range

1 thought on “Unit #3 Smart Notebook Files – by Ann Murray

  1. I believe that Lesson 1 and 2 both link to Lesson 2. There is no file for lesson 1.

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