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CC Algebra I Function Types Summary – by Brett Widman

Brett Widman from West Seneca CS has put together an absolutely wonderful summary about the major function types that are studied in Common Core Algebra I. This is about as good as it gets. He shows graphs, discusses domains, ranges, transformations, and much, much more. Really a nice piece of work that must have taken him literally forever.

Brett encouraged people to give feedback on this and to let him know of any mistakes you see. So, please check it out as you head into the intense part of the review season.

Thanks Brett!!!

Common Core Algebra I Function Summary

Function Types

1 thought on “CC Algebra I Function Types Summary – by Brett Widman

  1. Brett,

    I love your regents review sheets. I can’t seem to find #15 on this site anymore. Could you help me out. Thanks.

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