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New CC Algebra II Statistics Videos – by Kirk

A few weeks back, I published three new lessons to go with our final unit in Common Core Algebra II – Statistics. These lessons extended the work that we began in inferential statistics by introducing more formal ways of finding variation within sample statistics, such as sample means and proportions. By continuing to use simulation, we introduce students to the Central Limit Theorem for both sample means and sample proportions and extend this to a final lesson on margin of error. All of the lessons and their answer keys can be found at this post:

Simulation and Inferential Statistics – by Kirk

It took awhile, but I finally found time this weekend to record the videos for these lessons. I hope the videos are in time to help both students and teachers with this challenging material. I believe that these lessons will help students understand inferential statistics and how the results of the simulations can be extended to standard methods within statistics. Here are the YouTube links to the three new videos:

CC Alg II.Unit #13.Lesson #8.The Distribution of Sample Means

CC Alg II.Unit #13.Lesson #9.The Distribution of Sample Proportions

CC Alg II.Unit #13.Lesson #10.Margin of Error

I know that the numbering system here is in conflict with our final two lessons on regression. We will be re-numbering those last two lessons on regression as Lessons #11 and #12 respectively (as well as figuring out where they really make sense in the overall text).