Great New Teacher Tool: Our Standards Alignment Search!

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Every state has its own state bird, its own culinary stand-outs, its own unique personality, and its own math standards. So how can teachers be sure our eMATHinstruction materials meet their state’s math standards? By using our new Standards Alignment Tool

eMATHinstruction curricula were originally designed to align to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Our new N-Gen Math series is designed around the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards (NGMLS), which are very similar to the CCSS.  In fact, most state standards are closely aligned to the CCSS with slight tweaks to certain topics. By using our Standards Alignment Tool (which is powered by EdGate), you can see which lessons meet which standards in your particular state! 

Please note: The N-Gen Math Algebra I alignment is expected by November 2022.

10 Quick Steps to Using Our Standards Alignment Tool 

1. Log in to your account. (FYI: some browsers work better than others; EdGate recommends that you use Firefox.)

2. Either click on “FOR TEACHERS” in the nav bar, select the course you’re interested in (for example, N-Gen Math 7 or Common Core Algebra I or…), and click on the blue tab that reads “Standards Alignment – Powered by EdGate” (it’s the first link under the description of the course)…

3. OR skip Step 2 and simply go to the main Standards Alignment page at You can also find a link to it at the bottom of the pulldown menu under “FOR TEACHERS” in the nav bar.

4. Decide whether you’d like to do a “Standards” search or a “Content” search. In other words, if you’re looking for resources that meet a specific standard, do a Standards search; if you’re looking for the standards in a specific resource, do a Content search. You can toggle between the two kinds of searches by clicking either one of those blue tabs on top of the search box. 

5. If you do a Standards search, select the relevant options from the various pull-down menus. (For example, a 6th-grade math teacher in California would choose that state, grade 6, and the N-Gen Math 6 course from the pulldowns). Then click the blue “Search” button. You’ll receive a complete list of all the specific standards in your state, each with a “Correlations” button that reveals a complete, clickable list of all the eMATHinstruction lessons, homework, and videos that meet the specific standard. 

6. If you do a Content search, select the relevant options from the various pull-down menus. (For example, a 6th-grade math teacher in California would choose the N-Gen Math 6 course, grade 6, and that state from the pulldowns.) Then click the blue “Search” button. You’ll receive a complete, clickable list of all the relevant eMATHinstruction lessons, homework, and videos with a button to view all the state’s standards that each individual eMATH material meets. 

7. For both types of searches — Standards and Content — you can do an advanced search by entering a specific term to narrow down your results. For example, if you were looking for everything related to fractions that meets your state’s standards for a specific grade, you would select all the relevant options from the pulldowns and then click the “Advanced Options” link and enter the term “fractions” in the text box before clicking the “Search” button. 

8. You can download your results (in either Excel, Word, or PDF form) OR you can print your results by clicking one of the four respective icons at the top right of your search results.

9. Then you can happily use all the eMATHinstruction materials that came up in your search, confident in the knowledge that they align with your state’s standards. 

10. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we are happy to provide a custom report for you.  Please send an email to [email protected] with your request.

Here’s a how-to video to walk you through these steps (for optimum visuals, watch full screen):