February 2024’s New Teacher Tools

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Winter is still holding on here in New York (barely), but eMATHinstruction is heating up with new add-ons and new courses. We are excited to release our updated version of Algebra II (N-Gen Math Algebra II) in the late spring and will, of course, continue to release new materials for each of our active courses through May of this year. Here are this month’s new resources — have at ’em!

N-Gen Math 6:

  • Unit 8 (Percent) – Mid-Unit Quiz – Form B
  • Unit 8 (Percent) – Practice with Everyday Percent Problems. This worksheet gives students great practice calculating percentages based on finding 10% of a number and then scaling up (for 20%, 30%, etc.) or scaling down (for 5%). Practical application problems are emphasized.
  • Unit 9 (Area) – Mid-Unit Quiz – Form B
  • *Spanish Language Versions of the Unit 8 and Unit 9 Mid-Unit Quiz (Form A only) and Exit Tickets

N-Gen Math 7:

  • Unit 8cc (Common Core Probability)Mid-Unit Quiz – Form B
  • Unit 8cc (Common Core Probability) – Practice with Simulating a Compound Event. In this worksheet, students use random number generators to simulate the probability of getting a certain number of good night sleeps in a workweek.
  • *Spanish Language Versions of the Unit 8cc Mid-Unit Quiz (Form A only) and Exit Tickets

N-Gen Math 8:

  • Unit 6cc (Common Core Functions) – Practice with Linear Functions. In this worksheet, students get practice creating linear functions, working with linear functions, and interpreting linear functions. All exercises are applied.
  • Unit 7 (Exponents and Roots) – Mid-Unit Quiz – Form B
  • Unit 7 (Exponents and Roots) – Practice with Exponent Properties. This worksheet gives students ample practice with negative exponents, the zero exponent, and the three basic exponent properties.
  • *Spanish Language Versions of the Unit 7 Mid-Unit Quiz (Form A only) and Exit Tickets.

N-Gen Math Algebra I:

  • Unit 8 (Quadratic Functions) – Unit Assessment – Form B
  • Unit 8 (Quadratic Functions) – Mid-Unit Quiz – Form A

N-Gen Math Geometry:

  • Unit 7 (Dilations and Similarity) – Unit Assessment – Form A
  • Unit 7 (Dilations and Similarity) – Exit Tickets
  • Unit 7 (Dilations and Similarity) Partitioning a Side with an Angle Bisector. In this extended activity, students explore what happens when a side of a triangle is partitioned by an angle bisector. This activity gets kids to make conjectures based on measurement, use their knowledge of constructions, and finally has students prove their conjecture by the use of a similarity proof.

Common Core Algebra II:

  • Unit 9 (Complex Numbers) – Practice with Complex Number Arithmetic. In this worksheet, students get ample practice adding, subtracting, and multiplying complex numbers. They also get reinforcement that sometimes these calculations result in purely real or purely imaginary numbers.
  • Unit 10 (Polynomial and Rational Functions) – Practice with the Factored Form of a Polynomial. This worksheet gives students great practice forming equations of polynomials based on their zeros and an additional point. Some work with double zeros is also included.