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Field of spring daffodils

Spring has fully sprung here in upstate New York as we head into the last part of the school year: the trees are bursting with color, the daffodils have already had their heyday, and the ticks are out in full force! We here at eMATH are fighting allergies to finish up the newest edition to our catalogue, our N-Gen Math Geometry videos and workbooks. And we’re always creating new materials for all of our existing courses — April’s new teacher tools to use in the classroom for each of our courses linked to below are below. But first! An important request…


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Here are the new teacher tools to use in the classroom for each of our courses:

N-Gen Math 6:

  • Unit 10 (Solids) – Form B Unit Assessment
  • Unit 11 (Statistics) – Practice with the Mean, Median, and Mode. This great little worksheet gives your sixth grader some additional work with the three major measures of central tendency.
  • Unit 11 (Statistics) – Form B Unit Assessment

N-Gen Math 7:

  • Unit 10 (Geometric Measurement) – Practice with the Circumference and Area Formulas of a Circle. This worksheet has students work with both fundamental formulas and express their answers both in terms of pi and in decimal form.
  • Unit 10 (Geometric Measurement) – Form B Unit Assessment

    ***Note: These are the final add-ons for Math 7 for the school year!***

N-Gen Math 8:

  • Unit 10 (Scientific Notation) – Practice with Scientific Notation. In this worksheet, students gain additional practice with converting between the standard representation of a number and expressing the number in scientific notation.
  • Unit 10 (Scientific Notation) – Form B Unit Assessment
  • Unit 11 (Systems of Equations) – Practice with Solving Systems Using Substitution. This worksheet gives students lots of extra problems where they solve simple linear systems using the method of substitution. Some word problems are included.

N-Gen Math Algebra I:

  • Unit 10 (Functions and Their Transformations) – Form A Unit Assessment
  • Unit 10 (Functions and Their Transformations) – Exit Tickets
  • Unit 10 (Functions and Their Transformations) – The Gateway Arch Extended Modeling Problem. In this extended problem, students have a chance to model the shape of the Gateway (St. Louis) Arch using the vertex form of a parabola.

Common Core Geometry:

  • Unit 9 (Circle Geometry) – Form D Mid-Unit Quiz
  • Unit 9 (Circle Geometry) – Practice with the Equation of a Circle. This worksheet gives students opportunities to practice identifying the center and radius of a circle given the circle in center-radius form. It also has problems that force students to complete the square to place the circle in center-radius form.

Common Core Algebra II:

  • Unit 11 (The Circular Functions) – Practice Calculating the Values of the Trigonometric Functions. In this practice set of problems, students calculate the value of each of the six trigonometric functions if given the value of the sine or cosine function and the quadrant of the angle.
  • Unit 12 (Probability) – Form D Mid-Unit Quiz


DID YOU KNOW that all of eMATHinstruction’s YouTube videos led by Kirk Weiler are available in multiple languages? Math may be a universal language, but if any students don’t speak Kirk’s native tongue (English) or don’t speak it fluently, they can get automatically generated closed captions of the lessons in their own mother tongue. You can watch this tutorial or follow these instructions:

  1. While watching an eMATH YouTube video, hit the pause button.
  2. Click on the [CC] icon to turn Closed Captioning ON.
  3. If the settings aren’t already set to your preferred language, click the gear icon to access Settings.
  4. Click on the “[CC] Subtitles” link in the pop-up list.
  5. In the next pop-up that appears, click on “Auto-translate.”
  6. Then select your preferred language!

Voila! Listo! Där!


Regents Exams are just under two months away! As usual, Kirk will be hosting live review sessions before each math exam. Stay tuned for exact dates and times!

We hope you got a refund on Tax Day, took eco-action on Earth Day, and enjoyed Math & Statistics Awareness Month this April! Thanks for reading our April 2023 Newsletter. 🙂