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eMATH August 2022 Newsletter

A notebook and pencil on a desk in an empty classroom waiting for kids to come back to school!

Welcome back!!! It’s August 22nd, or as some of us math teachers like to call it, July 53rd. As the summer starts to wane, we here at eMATHinstruction are getting ready for the new school year to begin (of course, school has already started in many parts of the country). We are excited to have a brand new course for this year — N-Gen Math Algebra I — as well as many new additions to all of our current courses! Keep reading for details…

In N-Gen Math 6 this month we are bringing three new items. First, we have the Form B assessment for Unit 1 (The Whole Numbers). We also have a practice set of problems for Unit 1 on prime factoring whole numbers and finding the greatest common factor of two whole numbers. We also have a practice set of problems for Unit 2 (Fractions) on basic operations with fractions (simplifying, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing).

For N-Gen Math 7, we also have three new resources. First, we have the Form B assessment for Unit 1 (Essential Review). We also bring you a Unit 1 practice set of problems on evaluating numerical expressions using the scientific calculator. We also have a practice set of problems for Unit 2 (Operations with Signed Numbers) on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing signed integers.

We have two new additions for N-Gen Math 8 this month. First, we have the Form B assessment for Unit 1 (The Algebra of One Variables). We also bring you a practice set of problems for Unit 1 on solving linear equations that have variables on both sides.

This new course is an update of our Common Core Algebra I curriculum. And we are publishing a number of new resources for this text this month. We wanted to make sure that teachers who were going to use N-Gen Math Algebra I for the current school year could start off the year with resources for both Unit 1 (The Building Blocks of Algebra) and Unit 2 (Linear Equations and Inequalities).

For both of these units we bring you the Form A Unit Assessment, the exit tickets for each lesson, SMART Notebook files for each lesson, and an extended modeling problem for each unit. These extended modeling problems are a new addition for our courses, and we plan to have them for each unit of N-Gen Math Algebra I. For Unit 1, students use algebra to model the area of a back yard patio that is changing from a square to a different sized rectangle. For Unit 2, students use linear inequalities to try to determine under what conditions it makes sense to drive a farther distance in order to fill up a car with gas at a station where it is less expensive.

PLUS! We also now have a Spanish-language version of the N-Gen Math Algebra I Workbook for your ELL students, just as we do for all our middle school workbooks (N-Gen Math 6, 7 & 8 ) and our Common Core Algebra I workbook! When ordering workbooks, just choose the Spanish option in the Binding dropdown menu.

For Common Core Geometry this month we have new resources for Unit 1 (Essential Geometric Tools and Concepts). First, we have the Form D mid-unit quiz. We also bring you a practice set of problems on copying a triangle using a compass and ruler. This is an essential skill and the most basic of all constructions, so we want students to feel comfortable with this early in the course.

Common Core Algebra II

Finally, in Common Core Algebra II this month we bring you three new items. First, we have the Form D mid-unit quiz for Unit 1 (Algebraic Essentials Review). We also have a practice set of problems from Unit 1 on evaluating fairly complex expressions using a graphing calculator. Often, we feel that students lack many of the basic calculator tools that need to be automatic for them at this level. We also bring you the Unit 2 (Functions as the Cornerstone of Algebra II), Form D mid-unit quiz.

In other news, we are excited about the new books we’re continuing to create. Our forthcoming N-Gen Math Geometry book is in its first editing stages, with video recording to begin in the fall. Just as with N-Gen Math Algebra I, we feel that this version will represent a significant improvement over the current Common Core version. Also, we will have a presence at the AMTNYS (New York), AMTNJ (New Jersey) and MCTM (Mississippi) fall conferences, with more news to come about those events.

For now, enjoy the rest of August and stay cool!