eMath January 2021 Newsletter

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The new year has arrived and here at eMATHinstruction we are excited about all the new possibilities it brings. Sure, we are deep in the middle of winter and a pandemic but we also see many of the teachers in our region getting vaccinated. We wish all of our heroic teachers the best in terms of their health, both physical and mental. This has been a challenging period for everyone and even more so for teachers who work so hard in a “normal” year. We hope that the new resources we bring you each month help make the job a bit easier.

For our N-Gen Math middle school courses this month we bring you resources for Unit 9 in each course. First, we have published all of the SMART Notebook presentations for the lessons. We have also published the Unit 9 Assessment – Form A. Next month we will publish Unit 10 assessments as well as the SMART Notebook files. Next year we plan to start adding Form B assessments for each unit as well as mid-unit quizzes.

In Common Core Algebra I this month we first have two mid-unit quizzes for Unit 7 (Polynomials), a Form A and a Form B quiz. We also have published the Unit 8 (Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra) Spanish Assessments (Forms A, B, and C).

Our new Common Core Geometry resources for this month are all centered on Unit 6 (Quadrilaterals). For this unit we first bring you mid-unit quizzes, Forms A and B. We also offer up Form D Unit Assessment for Quadrilaterals.

For Common Core Algebra II this month we have a few mid-unit quizzes for Unit 9 (Complex Numbers). Although this is quite a short unit, we felt it was important to publish mid-unit quizzes for all units this year so teachers had these resources while in hybrid and remote learning modes.

Finally in Algebra 2 with Trigonometry this month, we bring you two units worth of mid-unit quizzes. First, we have the Unit 8 (Trigonometric Algebra) Form A and B mid-unit quiz and then we have the Unit 9 (Trigonometric Applications) Form A and B mid-unit quiz.

When publishing Add-Ons we try to stay ahead of where we think teachers will be for each curriculum. In a typical year it is hard enough to keep pace and this year is clearly more challenging due to remote and hybrid school schedules. Though our Add-Ons are paid resources there are so many free resources that we offer including videos for every lesson of our Common Core and N-Gen Math series. We encourage you to take advantage of our videos during asynchronous periods. We hope you and all in your school community are safe and healthy.

Kirk and all of us at eMath