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illustration of a tree made of new N-Gen Math Geometry books from eMATH.

The end of the school year is near and so is end-of-the-year testing. Here at eMATHinstruction, we are wrapping up our new additions for the year and getting into test prep mode. Without further delay, let’s get into our final new resources for the year.


Here are the new teacher tools to use in the classroom for each of our courses:

N-Gen Math 6:

  • Unit 11cc (Common Core Statistics) – Form B Unit Assessment.
  • Unit 11cc (Common Core Statistics) – Practice with Mean, Median, and Mode. This is a great worksheet to give your students some extra practice with these measures of center.
  • Unit 12 (Probability) – Form B Unit Assessment
  • Unit 12 (Probability) – Practice with Probability and Expected Outcomes. This is a good sheet of practice problems on both finding simple probabilities and calculating expected outcomes given probabilities.

N-Gen Math 7:

  • No new additions this month.

N-Gen Math 8:

  • Unit 11 (Systems of Equations) – Form B Unit Assessment.
  • Unit 12cc (Common Core Statistics of Two Variables) – Form B Unit Assessment.
  • Unit 12cc (Common Core Statistics of Two Variables) – Practice with Two-Way Frequency Charts. In this practice sheet, students work with two-way frequency charts and look at associations that can be inferred from these charts.

N-Gen Math Algebra I:

  • Unit 11 (Statistics) – Form A Unit Assessment.
  • Unit 11 (Statistics) – Exit Tickets.
  • Unit 11 (Statistics) – Family Size – Extended Statistical Modeling Problem. This is a great problem where students look at whether people had more siblings in the past. Students analyze two data sets and try to determine if the variations they see are due to the groups or just due to chance.

Common Core Geometry:

  • Unit 10 (Measurement and Modeling) – Form D Mid-Unit Quiz.
  • Unit 10 (Measurement and Modeling) – Practice with Sectors of Circles. In this practice sheet, students work with finding the arc length, area, or central angle of a sector of a circle given other quantities.

Common Core Algebra II:

  • Unit 12 (Probability) – Practice Using Products to Calculate Probabilities. This worksheet gives students lots of practice with probability problems that involve products (AND probability problems). Some of these are quite challenging.
  • Unit 13 (Statistics) – Form D Mid-Unit Quiz.
  • Unit 13 (Statistics) – Practice with Margin of Error. In this practice set of problems, students work with margin of error both for means and proportions.


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You’ll see that eMATH’s N-Gen Math Geometry resources designed by Kirk Weiler are like triangles with a 90-degree angle, BECAUSE THEY’RE ALWAYS RIGHT!


Let eMATHinstruction’s teacher extraordinaire, Kirk Weiler, give you or your students a helpful review of the skills they’ll need to master regents.

Review: Tuesday, June 13, 6:00pm
The Test Kirk Will Review – click HERE
The 2023 Test Date: Thursday, June 15

Review: Sunday, June 18, 6:00pm
The Test Kirk Will Review – click HERE
The 2023 Test Date: Tuesday, June 20

Review: Monday, June 19, 6:00pm
The Test Kirk Will Review – click HERE
The 2023 Test Date: Wednesday, June 21

All live reviews (and their recordings) will be accessible in the “Live” section of eMATH’s YouTube Channel HERE.

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